Live Music

Even the best equipment and song files cannot duplicate the atmosphere created by a live musician. Event planners have hired me to provide live music for all kinds of events all over New England. This page will acquaint you with some of the most common types of events for which I have been hired.

Private Party Entertainment

Many of my bookings are to provide live musical entertainment for private parties. These parties include anniversaries, birthday parties, Christmas/holiday parties and other special events. This type of party is often held in private homes, but frequently in restaurants or function halls. Live music as entertainment adds a special, intimate ambiance to any event. If you are not planning on dancing, or if you do not want your party to be overpowered by a band or DJ, the soft sound of an acoustic guitar in the background may be just the entertainment you are looking for.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are another frequent type of booking. Corporate functions include grand openings, sales/training meetings, conventions, banquets, retirement parties, fund raisers or holiday parties. Having acoustic jazz guitar as entertainment helps to create an atmosphere which is both “classy” and laid back. I perform at dozens of corporate events every year and my music has always gone over very well.

Musical Entertainment for Clubs and Restaurants

Businesses such as clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, ski lodges and cruise ships often book live music as entertainment for their guests. Sometimes this is background music intended to create a pleasant ambiance. Other times the music may be a special feature resembling a small, informal concert.

Violin & Guitar Duo

My daughter, Faith, took several years of piano lessons as a child. Around the age of 10 she switched to violin. Her teacher was organizing a recital one year and asked if I could play a duet with Faith. Since all the other students were being accompanied by piano this created a little variety in the program. The violin/guitar duo format worked very well and the “Dad ‘n Daughter Duo” was born!